Thursday, January 26, 2017

Meditation can calm your anxiety

No. 90.

A rigorously designed, NIH-sponsored clinical trial led by a Georgetown University Medical Center researcher has found objective physiological evidence that mindfulness meditation combats anxiety.
Researchers found that anxiety disorder patients had sharply reduced stress-hormone and inflammatory responses to a stressful situation after taking a mindfulness meditation course -- whereas patients who took a non-meditation stress management course had worsened responses.

The study included 89 patients with generalized anxiety disorder, a condition of chronic and excessive worrying. The disorder is estimated to affect nearly 7 million Americans during any one year.
Eighty-nine patients? What happened to the 90th? Did he die? Get lost? Have they searched for him? What if he is injured? Think he'll be okay. Somebody should call somebody. We need to do something. Now. How come they didn't report on this? I'm not sure I like this. Oh boy. I'm having trouble breathing. Somebody help me.

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