Wednesday, January 18, 2017

How to perform CPR for young and old

Here are videos that show how to perform CPR on adults, children and infants.

Adult CPR

Child CPR

Infant CPR

These videos are made for professionals, but the technique is the same for amateurs. Watch them in order, because he explains some things in the first that apply to the later.

You'll notice that the instructor uses a breathing mask and is wearing gloves. These are obviously to prevent transferring disease, either way. There is some thinking now that the breathing part of CPR is not as important as the chest impressions, and that you can skip the two breaths until paramedics arrive. If you want to read more on breathing, check this site. It tells you how to improvise a breathing mask and discusses whether you should do it at all.

These videos are made by an organization called ProCPR, which creates training programs that increase the amount of information remembered, are easily available, and give providers the confidence to act decisively and knowledgeably when an emergency occurs.

To the right of each video is a list of all the videos ProCPR makes available.

There's nothing like an in-person, hands-on class to get a feel for the technique, and to help create "body knowledge" so that you're more likely to respond correctly in an emergency.

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