Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Extra! Extra! Git your fake news here!

We're not hearing as much about fake news from The Left these days after people started pointing out that the legacy media have been producing fake news for years.

Here are recent examples.

Obamacare. The Obama administration claims 20 million more Americans today have health care due to Obamacare. The reality is that when you look at the actual net gains over the past two years since the program was fully implemented, the number is 14 million, and of that, 11.8 million (84 percent) were people given the “gift” of Medicaid. It’s estimated that anywhere from 2 to 7 million people now on Medicaid would have qualified for the program even without Obamacare.

The Donald. In September of 2015 someone -- now revealed as a Jeb Bush Super PAC donor -- paid Fusion GPS, a Washington, D.C. outfit, to compile a dossier of dirt on Donald Trump. Fusion engaged Christopher Steele, a former MI-6 agent in London, to do the job. The Steele “investigative” report suggested Trump had engaged in some scatological conduct while in Russia, hiring prostitutes to urinate on the bed the Obamas had used there. CNN lapped it up, informed its readers of the existence of scandalous reports on Trump, and BuzzFeed, a clickbait site owned in part by NBC, then published the dossier.

Polls. ABC/Washington Post and CNN are out with a pair of polls on Trump's favorability this morning that sport some of the most egregious "oversamples" we've seen. The ABC/Wapo poll showed an 8-point sampling margin for Democrats with only 23% of the results taken from Republicans. And while a quick 2 second review of the methodology of these polls immediately reveals their obvious bias, here are some of the results. ABC latched on to the conclusion that Trump is just being super mean to the media. Meanwhile, ABC/WaPo found that President-elect Trump is the least popular candidate to take the White House in modern history.

Obamaman. Just one day after the bitter mainstreamers at ABC/WaPo and CNN used their "oversamples" of Democrats to rig polls showing an unprecedented unfavorable rating of the incoming President-elect, those same outlets have used those same methodologies to engineer stellar approval ratings for Obama ... shocking. 

We contacted several highly respected journalists for comment.

“I’ve been so fortunate,” Brian Williams said. “I was at the Brandenburg Gate the night the wall came down.”

“I believed at the time that the documents were genuine,” Dan Rather says, “and I’ve never ceased believing that they are genuine.”

Because The Left believes fake news destroyed Hillary Clinton, we asked her for comment as well.

“I remember landing under sniper fire," she said. "We just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base.”

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